Humanitarian programs and projects

The Ukrainian Association of Ambulatory Physicians is currently directing all its resources to humanitarian assistance to the affected population, medical workers and institutions of Ukraine. Through its activities, the Association tries to help as much as possible in all possible ways Ukrainians who suffered devastating losses as a result of hostile aggression after the events of February 24, 2022.



Humanitarian catastrophe through the eyes of Ukrainians in the photo

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The Association's humanitarian programs are aimed at providing the affected population with the necessary food and industrial goods, hygiene products, assistance in the restoration of housing, water supply and sanitation, financial assistance and livelihoods. Provision of medicines to hospitals and hospitals, support of doctors on the ground, transportation and provision of safe, temporary accommodation to the population from affected or occupied towns and villages. Providing physical and psychological rehabilitation for the affected population of Ukraine.


During 2018-2022, the Association of Outpatient Medicine encouraged funds from investors and private companies by providing assistance to doctors and public medical institutions of Ukraine. Read More

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