Completed projects


Provision of maternity hospitals in Ukraine with devices phototherapy for newborns

June 2022


Brief description

Military operations in Ukraine are increasingly affecting the emotional and physical health of Ukrainians. Newborns and their mothers are under great threat every day. Because of the emotional background, women in labor are increasingly faced with the problem of premature birth. As a result, babies often get jaundice....Read MoreFor operative treatment and prevention of complications, children's hospitals need equipment for phototherapy of babies. The latest devices provide fast and high-quality treatment of children. Having considered all aspects and appeals from hospitals of the Dnipropetrovsk region, the team of the Association of Ambulatory Medicine developed a project aimed at ensuring a healthy future of the state, which was named "Provision of maternity homes of Ukraine with phototherapy devices for newborns."

Tasks of the project:
Provide the hospitals of the Dnipropetrovsk region with the necessary equipment phototherapy devices for babies.
Target audience
Children's hospitals of the city of Dnipro and the region
Project details
•Search for investors for project implementation
•Search for companies that manufacture phototherapy devices for newborns;
•Purchase of phototherapy devices for newborns;
•Distribution of phototherapy devices for newborns among children's hospitals of Dnipropetrovsk region.
3 700 000 UAHProject estimate
Ukrainian Association of Outpatient Medicine Doctors
Sponsors and partners
Done: 100% Goal: 3 700 000 UAH

Providing volunteer organizations with food

March 2022


Brief description

Today's Ukraine is very difficult, the situation is critical in all areas of activity, especially the humanitarian field. Not every citizen can now provide for themselves and their families, our defenders constantly need a well-balanced diet. ...Read moreTherefore, we should not overlook the regular provision of food supplies to organizations that defend our borders and take care of the proper provision of victims and needy in the city of Dnipro. To this end, a number of useful steps have been developed to achieve our goal.

The task of the project:
Providing food to volunteer organizations, medical institutions, institutions that shelter migrants, etc.
The target audience
Medical, volunteer, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies that ensure order and protection of civilians
Details of the project
- Search for organizations in need of humanitarian assistance;
- Search and involvement of associations, organizations, enterprises that are ready to provide assistance;
- Organization of logistics routes to assistance points
The budget
Attracting food aid (13,800 kg of chicken meat)
Sponsors and partners
ПрАТ “Міронівський хлібопродукт"
Collected: 100%