Earlier this week, representatives of the Ukrainian Association of Ambulatory Physicians handed over another batch of humanitarian aid. This time the cargo was received by representatives of the Dnieper Charitable Foundation “For the Future of Ukraine". They, in turn, direct it to where it is most needed.
Artem Svodkowski, head of the Ukrainian Association of Ambulatory Physicians, said that this time another part of a large consignment of Polish humanitarian aid had been handed over. The cargo included bandages and other means necessary to help patients with musculoskeletal problems.
«At the beginning of the war we managed to help the residents of Kharkiv region, children from “Ohmadit" in Kyiv region, and other medical institutions that needed it, in Energodar, Chuguev and other cities.
We heard about the Association of Ambulatory Physicians, from friends from Kyiv, and they introduced us to the head of the organization Artem Svodkovsky. I am very glad that the representatives of the organization were able to provide us with much-needed assistance.
We will sort it out and pass it on where it will be most useful»

– said Olena Luchko, a volunteer and head of the For the Future of Ukraine Charitable Foundation.
Attracting humanitarian aid was carried out with the assistance of the Foundation of the Charitable Organization “CHARITABLE FUND EDUCATION AND HEALTH OF THE UKRAINIAN NATION"