Provision of medical facilities with portable ECG machines

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With the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine, the situation with the prevention and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system has become much more complicated. This especially applies to a number of areas bordering the war zone, where there is a significant increase in patients who need timely and rapid diagnosis of the cardiovascular system. Currently, there is a basic lack of necessary equipment and constant monitoring by cardiologists for timely diagnosis and prevention of deaths due to cardiac diseases. That is why AAM has introduced a humanitarian program aimed at the development of preventive cardio-diagnostics by distributing innovative LifeSignals sensors and teaching how to work on them. ECG sensors work on the basis of artificial intelligence and help to remotely study cardiac activity. These devices are designed to detect various disorders in the work of the heart with the subsequent formation of a report, the accuracy of which is 98%. Data from the device enters a publicly available program, where any cardiologist trained to work on the device can validate the received information into a diagnosis.


Promoting the development of preventive cardio-diagnostics in the fight against diseases of the cardiovascular system by providing medical institutions with portable ECG devices.

Target groups:

1. Patients with severe cardiac diseases;
2. Patients with complications after suffering from COVID-19;
3. Internally displaced persons with a history of cardiovascular disease and without medical cards.


Effective from 2022.