Practical courses in tactical medicine for doctors and medical workers

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As a result of the full-scale invasion of the enemy on the territory of Ukraine, medics are increasingly faced with various serious injuries caused by hostilities. Most of the doctors did not come across such during civilian general practice. But anyone can provide emergency medical care, everyone's contribution is very important. That is why the Association has developed a program for training medical workers for various options for the development of the situation. At our classes, doctors will learn how to provide first aid to victims. All classes will be held offline, in small groups (6-12 people), so the trainer will be able to devote maximum time to each student and perfect various exercises. Trainers on these courses will be highly qualified medical staff with valuable and unique work experience.


Development and implementation of a training program for medical workers of Ukraine to provide first aid to victims during hostilities.

Target group:

Doctors and workers of the healthcare system of Ukraine.


Planned for 2023.