Measures for continuous professional development of doctors.

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Every day new discoveries appear in the medical field, doctors "encounter" in their practice more and more new interesting clinical cases that are worthy of the attention of the medical community. In addition, in order to perform their work in the best possible way, doctors need constant and continuous development. In order to improve the general state of medicine in our country, our team has developed special educational courses covering more than 100 activities of various directions (both for general practitioners and specialists in a "narrow" specialty). By training doctors, exchanging experience with each other, each doctor expands his capabilities in providing services, better treats patients. For the convenience of doctors, all events are held online. Each of the lecturers is a highly qualified specialist with invaluable experience in medical practice. Thus, after attending such events, practicing doctors will be able to provide their services to patients in the best possible way and be in the vortex of all medical news. Also, our events guarantee communication of all webinar participants with each other and, of course, with the lecturers.
For reference: the Association is one of the largest official providers of BPR events, which are included in the register of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine with the mandatory issuance of certificates of completion of the advanced training course.


Development and implementation of measures to improve the qualifications and continuous professional development of doctors and workers of the health care system of Ukraine for the sustainable development of the medical system in Ukraine.

Target groups:

1. Doctors of state medical institutions of Ukraine;
2. Doctors of private medical institutions of Ukraine.


Valid since 2019. Over three years of activity, 470+ conferences were held. 600+ speakers were involved - leading doctors with scientific degrees. More than 157,000 BPR certificates have been issued for completion of thematic courses.