Help today is extremely important for our Association and the Foundation, which takes care of large families and children of IDPs, as well as medical institutions and hospitals. We are constantly trying to make life easier for soldiers, vulnerable sections of the population who need constant diagnosis or rehabilitation. Our foundation, within the limits of possibilities, provides wireless cardiomonitors that allow remote monitoring of the work of the cardiovascular system, collecting data based on the principle of Holter ECG monitoring. The data that the monitor collects is compressed and encoded using the global Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) data protection standard. This information is then packaged for transmission.

Analysis of physiological data is performed in online applications running on cloud servers and using the latest innovative algorithms. Such monitors transmit the received data to Cardio AI, which works to accumulate information on a safe and secure server, where medical professionals can access the analyzed data to make informed decisions. Monitors, thanks to artificial intelligence, collect patient data, analyzing and detecting the fact of arrhythmia, determining the frequency of its occurrence, duration, threshold level of load at which it occurs. The advantages of such monitors are that they are small in size and allow the patient to monitor his health without changing his usual rhythm of life. For the operation of these Holter monitors, Cardio AI software, extensions and plugins have been developed, which allows you to very quickly and accurately collect patient data, analyze it, offer the doctor solutions to complex clinical cases, and make preliminary conclusions.

And it was in the development of this program that the specialists of the company Delta Media CA LP and Vyacheslav himself participated on a completely free basis!

Thank you, thanks to your talented work and effective activity, many people today get the opportunity to live, work, help others and do good charitable deeds for someone else!