We constantly assist the medical centres of our country, which receive wounded soldiers, some of whom are receiving inpatient treatment in departments with burns and skin lesions up to 70%. We provided our wireless cardio monitors for Holter monitoring and remote diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, arrhythmias, or other abnormalities of the heart to hospitals such as Dnipro regional hospital by name N.I.Mechnikova, Military Hospital, or 10 City Hospital of Zaporizhzhia and to volunteer associations such as Hospitaliers.

Recently, a large batch of such monitors went to frontline hospitals, whose operative doctors see hundreds of complex cases every day when the usual means of diagnosing or monitoring the state of the cardiovascular system cannot be used.

Thanks to the active support of Delta Media CA LP and Vyacheslav, it was possible to technically quickly receive diagnostic indicators and direct them to the Cardio AI program to prescribe treatment and determine the diagnosis. All logistical and communication issues were resolved extremely quickly. Your software and financial support are invaluable—thank you!