The Lithuanian Fund of the Ukrainian Association of Ambulatory Physicians is designed to represent the Ukrainian Association in Europe and to raise funds for its charitable goals and tasks.
The organization's activities are aimed at developing medicine in Ukraine, improving the nation's health, providing targeted medical and humanitarian aid to Ukrainian citizens who have suffered as a result of hostilities, creating a high level of medical and social security for the population, and improving the qualifications of medical workers.
The Foundation's mission is to attract and accumulate resources to help the Ukrainian Association of Outpatient Medicine Doctors in implementing its activities within the framework of health care projects and programs aimed at the needs of the Ukrainian people.

The main programs, for the support of which foreign patrons, volunteer and charitable organizations are involved:
If you want to join in supporting any of the mentioned projects, help can be provided in a way that is convenient for you.
Remember, any help matters and is invaluable! Let's support Ukraine together.