Restoration of premises allocated for temporary accommodation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Ukraine.
Implementation of projects.
Financial assistance
Due to the difficult situation throughout Ukraine since February 24, 2022, people are forced to leave their homes and go to cities where there is no fighting. There are many such citizens; every Ukrainian tries to provide them with at least some help. Most of all they need housing, but not all the rooms allocated for them are suitable for living. It is necessary to restore and expand the premises, create the necessary living conditions.

The purpose of the project:

1. Organization and provision of dedicated premises with critical infrastructure (light, water supply, heat);
2. Restoration of the premises (roof, strengthening and insulation of walls, replacement of damaged windows);
3. Equipping the room with the necessary furniture.

Target groups:

1. State, private and international institutions, associations and organizations for the provision of critical infrastructure in Ukraine.
2. Ukrainian companies, enterprises for the manufacture and supply of furniture.

Project cost:

1. Electric generator, cable and wire for light, light bulbs, flashlights.
2. Bottled purified water.
3. Oil radiator, fan heater or heat gun, convector, infrared heater.
4. Materials for the restoration of premises - new windows or film, materials for wall insulation and roof repair.
5. Beds for adults and children, chairs and tables, cabinets or cabinets for necessities, mattresses, blankets, pillows.