Organization of assistance to victims during the period of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine and their post-war rehabilitation.
Implementation of projects.
Financial assistance
As a result of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, many citizens have already been affected, the list is updated every day. Among the victims are the wounded and seriously injured. Each of them needs both medical and psychological assistance not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

The purpose of the project:

1. Improving the psychological and physical health of victims of hostilities;
2. Providing post-war psychological rehabilitation for children;
3. Organization of the necessary operations and procedures for prosthetics and transplants for the seriously wounded, who were left without limbs as a result of hostilities;
4. Organization and provision of further postoperative rehabilitation of victims;
5. Treatment of burns and post-burn rehabilitation;
6. Providing psychological assistance, adaptation to postwar life.

Target groups:

1. State, private and international institutions, associations and organizations for providing medical care to victims;
2. Ukrainian companies, enterprises for the manufacture and supply of medicines and materials for the above procedures;
3. Foreign medical institutions for the necessary operations and postoperative rehabilitation.

Project cost:

1. Involvement of additional specialized staff to provide psychological assistance to adults and children;
2. Prostheses and medical equipment for operations and rehabilitation;
3. Medicines and medical equipment for the treatment of burns.