Organization of assistance to orphanages that accept children from other homes and cities of Ukraine during the war.
Implementation of projects.
Financial assistance
With the beginning of the war on the territory of Ukraine, orphanages were damaged by shelling and living there became impossible. Volunteers take children to safe places in other orphanages in Ukraine. Due to the workload, they are not able to fully provide children with everything they need and need humanitarian, medical and psychological assistance for children.

The purpose of the project:

1. Providing vital goods for the use of orphanages;
2. Organization of psychological and therapeutic assistance to children;
3. Providing the necessary medical care to the residents of orphanages

Target groups:

1. State, private and international institutions, associations and organizations for ensuring the livelihood of children left without a family in Ukraine.
2. Ukrainian companies, enterprises for the manufacture of food, baby food, hygiene products, etc.

Project cost:

1. Provision of food (including baby formula and the like), hygiene products, clothing and footwear, beds, blankets, pillows, wardrobes and cabinets.
2. Psychological and therapeutic care specialists.
3. Medicines for residents of orphanages for different age groups.