Improvement of critical infrastructure medical establishments and ambulant clinics in Ukraine.
Implementation of projects.
Financial assistance
Due to the difficult situation throughout Ukraine, most medical institutions need urgent assistance in the restoration and provision of critical infrastructure. The following action plan has been developed to improve the condition of our hospitals.

The purpose of the project:

1. Organize additional autonomous lighting in large medical institutions of Ukraine (Dnipro, Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Lviv regions);
2. Providing institutions with a sufficient amount of bottled purified water.
3. Additional provision of institutions with floodlights, lanterns and generators.

Target groups:

1. Public, private and international institutions, associations and organizations with critical infrastructure.
2. Ukrainian companies, enterprises for bottled water supply.

Project cost:

1. Generators, floodlights, lanterns, heaters, etc. auxiliary means of power supply.
2. Bottled purified water.
3.Installation work of equipment.