Creating conditions to help children and women who have been forced to leave their homes due to hostilities on the territory of Ukraine and the temporarily occupied territory
Implementation of projects.
Financial assistance
Today, most women are left alone with their children, as men have been involved in Ukraine's defense. They are forced to take full responsibility for the family, to save their lives and their children. Leaving home, they are left alone with their problems and need our general help, which includes:
- search and provision of housing;
- provision of food (in some cases, baby food);
- necessary personal hygiene products;
- clothes and shoes (especially warm clothes);
- some need medicines and medical care;
- essentials, etc.

The purpose of the project:

1. Organization and provision of housing for refugees;
2. Provision of food (including children's), hygiene products, clothing and footwear;
3. Organization of psychological assistance to women and children who have been forced to leave their homes.

Target groups:

1. State, private and international institutions, associations and organizations for the provision of essential goods in Ukraine;
2. Ukrainian companies, enterprises for the manufacture and sale of food, hygiene products, etc.

Project cost:

1. Provision of housing
2. Purchase of food (drinking water, vegetables, fruits, pasta, canned food, bread, cereals, etc.)
3. Purchase of personal hygiene products.
4. Purchase of warm clothes, warm shoes. Mattresses, sheets, blankets and other essentials.
5. Medicines for children and adults (painkillers, antipyretics, antivirals, allergies, etc.)