Organization of assistance to the elderly in Ukraine
Implementation of projects.
Financial assistance
At this difficult time, we should not forget about the most affected sections of the population, including the elderly. Many of them were left without the care of children and relatives, in a difficult financial situation. We have developed a further action plan to facilitate and improve the lives of retirees.

The purpose of the project:

1. Provision of vital consumer goods;
2. Provision of food, hygiene products, clothing and footwear;
3. Providing essential medicines;
4. Organization of medical care to ensure livelihoods and psychological assistance;
5. Search for rehabilitation and health centers for post-war physical and psychological rehabilitation.

Target groups:

1. State, private and international institutions, associations and organizations to ensure the livelihood of the elderly in Ukraine
2. Ukrainian companies, enterprises for the manufacture of food, baby food, hygiene products, consumer goods, etc.

Project cost:

1. Essentials (bedding, linen, hygiene products, etc.)
2. Long-term food supply
3. Medications for life support
4. Coordination of transportation of pensioners to rehabilitation centers
5. Involvement of medical staff to ensure livelihoods and psychological assistance