The Ministry of Health continues to provide medicines to Ukrainians

Together with the State Medical Service, the ministry has formed and updated a list of pharmacies where insulin can be obtained. IMPORTANT: the list is adding and updating. If necessary, you can contact the hotline of the Ministry of Health: 0 800 60 20 19. The operator will accept the request and process it. Insulin will be found either in a pharmacy or delivered by volunteers if possible.


In the near future, all pharmacies in Ukraine will be provided with drugs for thyroid therapy:

Where to find drugs for thyroid therapy

The list of pharmacies can be found on the website:


Health care facilities that have concluded agreements with the National Health Insurance Fund on medical care under the program of medical guarantees in the field of oncology (chemotherapy, radiological treatment, treatment of oncohematological diseases) continue to provide services to patients. Information on the mode of operation of the institution and the list of services provided by the institution can be obtained by phone from the contact person of the health care institution or in the contact center of the National Health Insurance Fund at 16-77. The list of hospitals and telephone numbers is available at the following link:


Up-to-date information on the work of health care facilities and the provision of medical services needed by patients with cancer can be tracked on telegram channels: