In the summer, Ukraine joined the EU4Health program of the European Union, which gave Ukraine access to EU funding in the field of health care. This will provide an opportunity to respond to immediate needs, as well as contribute to the country's long-term recovery.
So far, the EU4Health program has received record funding – 10 times more than previous programs. By 2027, €5.3 billion will be dedicated to improving and strengthening health care systems. Therefore, for Ukrainian organizations from the state, public and business sectors, this is an opportunity to take advantage of financing for the implementation of important projects in the field of health care
He also drew attention to the fact that up to 60% of the project budget can be covered by European funds.
Currently, scientific and educational institutions, research institutes, hospitals, private institutions and organizations, business, public and patient organizations, etc., can apply for EU4Health program grant proposals.
Submission is available for 4 projects:
• supporting a structured dialogue at national or regional levels on public procurement in the health care sector - HERA;
• prevention of oncological diseases and non-communicable diseases (NCDs);
• prevention of non-communicable diseases – cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and others;
• a call for proposals to support the rollout of the second cohort of the interdisciplinary oncology training program.
The Ministry held a webinar where it explained the mechanism and all the nuances that organizations may encounter in applying for EU4Health grants. The webinar is available at the following link: