According to the State Consumer Service, a case of anthrax has been confirmed in one of the farms in the Kyiv region.
On October 10, the causative agent of anthrax (Bacillus anthracis) was isolated from biological material in the Central State Testing Laboratory of the State Production and Consumer Service in Kyiv region and the city of Kyiv. Specialists have already conducted an epizootic investigation. It was established that 337 small cattle (goats) are kept in the farm. On October 11, a meeting of the emergency anti-epizootic commission was held, a plan of measures for the localization and elimination of the outbreak was approved. According to the results of the meeting, a quarantine was introduced.
Specialists of the Main Department of the State Production and Consumer Service in Kyiv region are conducting a set of measures in accordance with the requirements of the Instructions on measures to prevent and combat animal anthrax and the Action Plan.
Currently, the available livestock of the farm is under the supervision of specialists of the state hospital of veterinary medicine. Animals are clinically healthy.
Anthrax is an acute and dangerous infectious disease of all types of farm, domestic and wild animals, as well as humans. It is transmitted through the penetration of the pathogen through damaged skin or mucous membranes during the care of sick animals, contact with their carcasses or eating their meat. You can also get infected through objects or soil.
The situation in Ukraine is under control thanks to the active immunization of animals and the rapid response of the relevant veterinary services.
Take care of yourself and be healthy!