Two little sisters from the English town of Yet, selling sweets, collected more than 400 pounds for Ukrainians who were forced to go abroad because of the war.
This was reported by a British charity British-Ukrainian Aid.
According to the mother of four-year-old Esme and two-year-old Maggie, the eldest daughter once listened to the radio when she heard about the difficult situation in Ukraine due to the war.
The girl wanted to contribute and help Ukrainian refugees abroad, particularly in Britain.

A little British girl earns money to help Ukrainian refugees. Photo: British-Ukrainian Aid
The girls’ mother, Lauren Slogan, decided that selling sweets would be a good way to make some money.
Her daughters sold goodies at Esme School and the Rugby Club.
Esme and Maggie initially set a goal of raising £ 150, but as a result the children managed to earn almost three times more – £ 415, equivalent to almost 16,000 Ukrainian hryvnias..
The children donated all the money they earned to the British charity Aid to Ukraine.

Two-year-old Maggie also helped raise funds for Ukrainians abroad. Photo: Gazette
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