Rescuers completed a search operation at the site of the shelling of a residential building in Odessa, and eight victims remain in Odessa hospitals.

© Photo: facebook.com/DSNSODE
Most of the wounded were discharged from hospitals, people had minor injuries, most of them injured by the glass that shattered during the explosion.
The victims are in a stable condition, some are more severe, some are moderate, there are two patients who have minor injuries, which we plan to discharge home, others require further treatment.
For the second day in a row, residents of Odessa have been bringing flowers and soft toys to the site of the tragedy, because the Russian military killed the whole family with one shot – grandmother, mother and three-month-old girl Kira. The girl’s father survived because he went to the store shortly before the shelling, and when he returned, there was a hole in the apartment and the family died.
Currently, communal workers are working near the house, clearing the tram track, which was littered with debris, and promising to start transport.
The high-rise building itself will not be demolished, but restored. Specialists have already begun to strengthen the mezzanine structures that were destroyed by the rocket – apartments from the third to the fifth floor. More than fifty apartments are considered to be previously destroyed.
Preliminarily, we can say that the building, the house can be saved, it can be restored by complex work, but experts have previously estimated that climbing to the floor, that the building can be saved and not recognize it in the future emergency
Light supply was restored to the untouched sections of the house, but most of the occupants left after the experience. They went to relatives and acquaintances, and only a few families asked the city authorities to provide them with temporary housing.
In Odesa itself, the situation is still turbulent, air raids are constantly being heard and the threat of a missile strike remains, but Odesa residents believe in Ukrainian air defenses.
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