The chairman of the Nikolaev VCA told what mood at Nikolaev.
© TSN photo source || Vitaly Kim
As a result of night attacks by the Russian occupiers in Nikolaev one person was lost, two were wounded.
The chairman of the Nikolaev VCA Vitaly Kim told about it today, on April 21, in the morning address. He also said that the consequences of the shelling are currently being eliminated.
Kim also noted that often foreign guests and the media are interested in people’s moods and affairs. The chairman of the Nikolaev VCA admitted that it is difficult to pick up words, however drew a parallel of a condition of Ukrainians at the time of a coronavirus:
“Remember when there were the first reports of coronavirus, somewhere there were two people sick, the whole country in masks, with antiseptic. Then in a year or two, they say, everyone around is sick, our people: I’m sick, I’m not scared. It’s about the same situation, I’m not saying what’s good or bad. We are used to it. In any case, there is no fear of the unknown. We already see how everything is happening and we are not afraid. “
, – said Kim.
He also shared a wise quote that came to his eyes the other day: “It has always been said and is true: in Russia there are two troubles – fools and roads. So, the most important trouble – when a fool points the way."
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Source — tsn.ua