On April 15, a conference was held on the topic “Domestic care for civilians in hostilities. Dialogue with the emergency doctor. " The event, which took place online, was organized by the Ukrainian Association of Ambulatory Physicians.
The speaker on this topic was traditionally the anesthesiologist, instructor of the UniSafe emergency course Tatiana Kanchura.
Tatiana Kanchura noted that with the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine, such knowledge is extremely valuable because it can save lives.
The members of the conference learned about the main rules of providing home care in wartime, when the threat to human health and life is greater than usual. Also during the event, the expert conducted a detailed analysis of the first aid kit and provided useful advice on how to properly form a set of medications that will be useful in the current situation. In addition, she explained how to stop bleeding, what to do in case of loss of consciousness, burns and shock.
Anyone who for various reasons could not attend the event can watch the conference in the record at this link.