The morning of April 18 was very disturbing and, unfortunately, rich in events. Yes, explosions were heard in many regions, as well as cases of civilian injuries.
Regarding the situation in Dnipropetrovsk region: the head of the regional state administration V. Reznichenko notes that the enemy hit two infrastructure workers in the Synelnykivskyi district. And also “arrivals" in the Pavlograd area are fixed, the railway infrastructure is damaged. Previously, no casualties.
The shelling began in the Kharkiv region in the evening. In the evening of April 17, Lozova came under enemy fire, no casualties were identified. Kharkiv itself came under fire at night. The number of victims is currently being determined.
As of today, 29 people have been injured in the Kharkiv region per day. 24 – wounded, 5 – killed. The exact number is currently being determined.
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It was a hot night in Luhansk region. Enemy forces struck at the Olymp Sports Complex in Kreminna, with an area of more than 2,000 square meters. Lysychansk also suffered losses. The occupiers fired on the patrol police department. There are victims among the police, now they are all taken to hospital.
In addition to these events in other cities of the region there were fires in 15 residential buildings. Seven locals were evacuated from the rubble of residential areas in Rubizhne, and two injured were taken to a hospital in Severodonetsk. Cases of the affected population have also been recorded in Zolotoye; two were killed and four were wounded.
It was a restless night in Donetsk region as well. Kramatorsk came under rocket fire again. There is destruction of infrastructure, information about the victims is being clarified. The shelling also affected such towns as Vugledar, Avdiivka, Maryinka, and Toretsk. Civilian casualties have been reported, but the number is being clarified. Mariupol – without changes.
The sounds of explosions and shelling were heard in the Kherson region. Information on the destruction and casualties is currently being clarified. However, we should not forget about the humanitarian crisis in this region. The situation remains stable and difficult.
In the Nikolaev area despite that air alarm proceeds since morning, the situation is controlled. In the morning there were shellings of the city, according to preliminary data the reed is burning. Information on the consequences is being clarified.
In the Lviv region, 5 missile strikes were fired in the morning. According to Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy, one of the missiles hit a civilian object – tire fitting. According to preliminary data, 6 people died, 11 were injured, one of them a child. In addition, 40 cars were damaged or destroyed.
Also due to the shock wave knocked out the windows of the hotel, which is located near the tire. Evacuated Ukrainians now live in this hotel.
In other regions, the night was more or less calm.