We invite everyone to the next online training on home care for civilians in hostilities, which will take place on Friday, April 15, 2022. at 14:00. Participation in the conference is free.
Invited Expert: anesthesiologist, instructor of the UniSafe emergency course Kanchura Tetyana Volodymyrivna (Dnipro)
AAM organizes this event to provide doctors and the population of Ukraine with useful information in difficult times, the event is not a basis for calculating BPD points. You will also be able to watch the broadcast after the live broadcast.
We will practically demonstrate what to do in extreme situations and talk about:
– Rules for providing assistance during the war
– Disassembly of the first aid kit. How to create an effective first aid kit for yourself.
– Stop bleeding of different localizations
– Anti-shock actions
– Short-term and long-term loss of consciousness
– Burns
– Cramps
At the end of the training we will answer all your questions!
It is advisable for participants to have 2 elastic bandages, a tourniquet (if available), a marker, a blanket / plaid and an assistant, so that everyone can work out the recommendations at once..
The broadcast will follow the link YouTube