On April 8, an online conference on “First Aid for Civilians in Combat" was held. The speaker was Tatiana Kanchura, anesthesiologist, instructor of the UniSafe emergency course.
During the event, organized by the Ukrainian Association of Ambulatory Physicians, urgent issues that could save lives during hostilities were discussed. Participants learned about the main rules of care, how to properly stop bleeding depending on the location of the wound, what to do in case of loss of consciousness, burns, convulsions and more.
Tatiana Kanchura noted that with the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine, such knowledge is extremely valuable because it can save lives.
«I believe that every adult should be able to provide emergency care. Especially now, when the number of injured and wounded has greatly increased. Therefore, such trainings should be conducted as often as possible. The online format, of course, is very convenient, but I would like to advise all participants of our event to spend some time to hone their knowledge. This will be more effective».
– she said.
It is noteworthy that participation in the event has traditionally been free
The conference remains available in the record, you can watch it at the link: