The word “depression" is usually used in relation to adults or adolescents, but in modern conditions, more and more cases of depression in young children.
Usually everyone has different reasons, but today most of this condition was caused by the war. The child may “fall into depression" due to the death of a loved one, or moving to another city, country, or hostilities (explosions, shootings, etc.).
The main symptoms of childhood depression include:
– fears that arise for no apparent reason;
– feelings of helplessness;
– abrupt changes in mood;
– sleep problems, such as: insomnia, constant drowsiness, or constant nightmares;
– feeling tired;
– problems with concentration;
– heavy anxious thoughts.
Treatment of childhood depression
The main method of treating childhood depression is psychological sessions. If depression persists, antidepressants may be prescribed. In this method of treatment of depression in adults and children do not differ.
However, a child psychiatrist will primarily prescribe psychotherapy sessions or, for example, play therapy for children to treat depression. And only after making sure that it does not bring enough effect, prescribes antidepressants.
The risk of childhood depression is significantly lower in families with a calm environment, those who respect the child, his moods and desires. Influencing a depressed child requires perseverance, and, at the same time, extreme correctness, as well as empathy in emotional terms.
If children have symptoms of depression, you need to consult a specialist. He will prescribe treatment and make recommendations according to the specific situation. Do not try to treat your child with medication on your own.