The Russians fired at a convoy of cars in one of which a boy with his parents was driving from Gradov at the entrance to Zaporizhia.
Two boys from Mariupol, who were injured in the shelling of the Russian occupiers, were taken to Lviv's Okhmatdyt. Escaping the war, the families of both children were evacuated to Zaporizhia in their own cars. This was reported on the hospital's Facebook page.
The Russians fired at the convoy of cars from Gradiv at the entrance to Zaporizhia. Two-year-old Artemko's grandmother, Ms. Svitlana, says that in addition to her and her grandson, the boy's grandfather, parents and uncle were in the car. Everyone except the woman was seriously injured. First they were hospitalized in Zaporizhia, and later – in Lviv. She remembers how then her daughter, Artem's mother, went to meet the cars, fell, fainted, looked into her eyes, saying that this was the end.
Doctors diagnosed the boy with total explosive damage to the body. Today, his health is no longer in danger.
13-year-old Ivan was admitted in critical condition. He has an open traumatic brain injury, an open chest injury, multiple mine-explosive lesions of the abdominal cavity, upper and lower extremities, etc. He arrived with external fixation devices.
According to doctors, they conducted a series of examinations, adjusted the therapy for the boy. Now he is conscious and eating on his own. The boy's mother, Ms. Maria, says that during the shelling, her son said goodbye to life, but survived, struggles and dreams of becoming a football player.