Now each of us is doing everything in his power to save people's lives and bring victory closer.
The First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska told in her Instagram about how selflessly Ukrzaliznytsia employees work at this difficult time.
Since the beginning of the war, the Ukrainian Railways has transported more than 3.5 million people by evacuation trains and delivered hundreds of thousands of tons of humanitarian goods. Evacuations sometimes took place under fire, through damaged stations and roads that had to be repaired under continuous fire. Sometimes at the cost of employees' lives. During the fighting, the railway has lost more than fifty workers.
Olena Zelenska told tragic stories of Ukrainian Railways employees:
“Leader Natalia Babicheva. For two weeks, her evacuation train rescued people from all over Ukraine. When he was going to Lyman to pick up a group of children, he came under fire. Natalia died from shrapnel. She was 48 years old. Her daughter says she wants to be like her mother."
“28-year-old Dmytro Razdorsky, fitter. As always, I checked the serviceability of the tracks at the Pokrovsk station when the explosive device detonated…"
“Oleksiy Samchenko, 45, head of the Kyiv track distance section. He died at work as a result of the shelling."
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Repairmen who restore the destroyed tracks every day to keep the railway working are dying.
Olena Zelenska also thanked all railway employees:
“You've probably seen photos of evacuation trains. When people sleep even in the corridors, on suitcases, hugging children and pets. Everyone who has ridden in such places says: there are no better words than “Calm down, we will take everyone!", Which they hear from the railwaymen."
“Bow to you, dear iron people. Come back to us safe. Let's go to victory!"