The SES showed the consequences of the horrors of the occupiers in Chernihiv region.
In the occupied settlements of the Chernihiv region, Putin's troops destroyed everything in their path. Rescuers are now finding Russian shells in every yard and cellar. The occupiers even killed domestic animals.
“Chernihiv region, our land is unhappy … Shells in every cellar, in every home … Poor demilitarized domestic dogs and cows that did not threaten anyone. And even they, these cows and dogs, were destroyed"
– reported in the SES of Ukraine.
The SES stressed that this is all you need to know about the Russian army: the killing of women, children and animals.
“Cynically and vilely hits in the back, and then runs away with the loot, leaving to rot even the dead compatriots"
– added rescuers.