On Monday, April 4, representatives of the Ukrainian Association of Ambulatory Physicians continued to hand over humanitarian aid that had recently arrived from Poland.
AAM Chairman Artem Svodkovsky stated that this time the cargo was transferred directly to Zaporizhia hospitals.


«We were recently approached by doctors from Zaporizhia with a request to provide assistance to local medical institutions. We gladly agreed. Today, they were given part of the cargo, which includes a variety of medical products needed to help patients with musculoskeletal problems. We hope that this cargo will help save many lives»


– noted Artem Svodkovsky.


We would like to note that the transfer of humanitarian aid became possible with the assistance of the law firm “Absolut".
Attracting humanitarian aid was carried out with the assistance of the Foundation of the Charitable Organization “CHARITABLE FUND EDUCATION AND HEALTH OF THE UKRAINIAN NATION"